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tv   News 3 Live at Twelve- Thirty  NBC  January 21, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm PST

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holland as we best can tell did not have any supporters inside the courtroom. but there were plenty of people inside the courtroom who were either family members of the victims or in some cases the victims themselves. the pastor of the united faith church in las vegas faced 17 counts, felonies, involving the sexual abuse of teenage girls under the age of 16. in many cases they were undergoing counseling from pastor holland at the advice of their parents. that's how they had their connection to the pastor. then t relationships ee vovld to a sexual crime. convicted on all counts. the jury deliberated for about 15 minutes yesterday and two hours this morning. by 11:00 a.m. this morning it became clear they had reached a verdict. here's what happened inside the courtroom just over an hour ago. >> count one, sexual assault with a minor under 16 years of age.
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>> reporter: back here live inside the courthouse. what we do know at this point is that there will be a sentencing that is skeed for march 16th in that same courtroom. since he's been convicted as charged he faces life in prison. that is likely what the judge will confirm or hand down to him at the time of sentencing given the sentencing guidelines in this case. ahead later this afternoon, news 3 at five and sim some of the people who were in court who have spoken with news 3. you will recall during the trial pastor holland took the stand in his own defense at many times giving very difficult, long winded answers and was admonished by the judge at least twice for not simply saying yes or no on cross-examination questions from the prosecution. i'm craig fiegener reporting live at the courthouse, news 3.
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that breaking news unfolding. >> michelle: metro police say they've arrested this woman, michelle horn, in connection to a murder from november. police believe this murder happened at a vacant home that was frequently used by squatters. >> krystal: the person who was murdered, a man. detectives believe that man was shot two or three days before he was found inside the home if near flamingo and areville. investigators believe the victim and several others got into an argument before those shots were facg a murder and robbery charge. >> michelle: just in time for tax season, yes, it is that time. the inspector general for the irs has a warning for taxpayers about a scam that could cost you a lot of money if you become a victim. >> krystal: they seem 20 come out every year. it's not a new trick but now it's hitting more people than t irs is calling me? is this for real? >> reporter: a new series of public service announcements is
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tax scam that's taking more and more new victims to the cleaners. in the scam criminals call american taxpayers pretending to be irs agents and demand phony back taxes. often the criminals threaten to call the police if the taxpayer hangs up the phone. the inspector general for the irs says as many as 5,000 victims have paid as much as 26-and-a-half million dollars to the scam artists who can be located inside the united states or around the world. e scam began by targeting new immigrants to the united states and threatening deportation and other penalties. but the inspector general says it has since mutated and now it's targeting every demographic group. that's why the agency has released five into new videos in english and spanish telling people the irs will not call you out of the blue and threaten to arrest you. the government has one piece of advice for anyone getting such a call. >> hang up on fraud.
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if you hang up the phone and you certainly can't be tricked into paying the money, harass or intimidated into paying them soin if you simply hang up the phone. >> reporter: what if the caller was from the government? the inspector general says not to worry. the irs won't be offended if you hang up on them. i'm amon javrs in washington. >> michelle: unfortunately officials say the scam not just targeting land lines anymore. some victims have been called on their cell phones. if you encounter somebody impersonating an irs representative or you think maybe ite sorry you can always report it online. we have a link on our website. head to >> krystal: las vegas playing host again to presidential campaigns. we're going to take a live look at the south point hotel and casino where donald trump is holding a rally in just an hour. that's inside where this is happening. in previous visits to las vegas people stood in line for hours to see and hear him in person. we don't know for sure if the
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palin who endorsed him will be here today at that rally. palin has been back in the headlines after her son stz kind of shifting here gears here -- was arrested on monday for domestic violence. she spoke about it wednesday saying her son was dealing with ptsd after his combat deployment in iraq. >> my son, like so many others come back a bit different. they come back hardened president. it starts from the top. the question it comes from our own president where they have to look at him and wonder, do you know what we go through? do you know what we're trying to do to secure america? >> krystal: donald trump says he supports palins and comments and he suggested she bring it up a the rally. trump responding to rumors that palin is hoping to get a job out of her endorsement. trump says that has not been discussed. >> michelle: up next,
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i had so many fun this morning. hoeta and jen -- hoda and jenna bush-hager broadcasting live from caesar's. i got a chance to talk to the hosts this morning. they are so much fun. we're going to have that coming up. >> krystal: it was so good you don't want to miss it. he is a neil diamond tribute artist and he is really, really good. i heard him rehearsing. it's musician rod garrett joining us live in studio with his upcoming tribute show. >> kelly: we're taking a look at the temperatures right now. pahrump you are at 60 degrees. 60 degree temperatures pretty likely this afternoon. how long are they going to stick around?
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all the details coming up.
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hoeta and -- hoda and kathie lee mode. >> krystal: you had so much fun this morning. you rocked it. >> michelle: thanks. they're just fun. this morning the fourth hour of the today show broadcast live from caesar's palace. hoda kotb and jenna bush jaeger. she was filling in for kathie lee. i got to interview them aut their vegas adventure in our 6:00 hour. here is a piece of it. you are doing vegas. you haven't even slept. >> no i went to bed at one and woke up at two. you guys live here. [ laughter ] >> michelle: s that how we do it baby. >> you were at the j.lo premier and got to go behind the scene. i know you love music and dancing. how about for that 30 seconds i felt like what it felt like to be j.lo for 30 seconds of heaven. its with one of those unforgettables. last night was amazing. . >> michelle: we are so excited
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>> her mom knows all the words to every song. she was next to me. she sings every word to every song. >> michelle: you are going to be highlighting that. they're going live at 7:00. you have been doing a little bit of vegas. you have been out partying late. >> yes. >> michelle: get a little crazy. you have been jumping of the stratosphere. >> i did adventure vegas. turns out there's more to do here than gambling and all that. >> michelle: they're really doing vegas. jenna bush-hager got to jump off the stratosphere. she drove a car at 100 something miles an hour and did the zip line. hoda was partying it up with queen j.lo. >> krystal: did you say she only got an hour of sleep. >> michelle: one hour. and i don't know if she was drinking at 7:00 a.m. our time does it. >> krystal: so glad they came.
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c it. really cool. trending today. the controversy surrounding this year's osc nominations continues as another major star has announced they will not be there. it is actor will smith says he is going to skip the awards show like his wife jada pinket smith. he said on "good morning america" this morning, quote, diversity is the america super power. that's why we're great. smith was in the running for best actor nomination but did not get it. for the second year in a run none of the nominees in the top categories are minorities. i'm sure we're going to hear a lot about that. >> krystal: we're celebrating a landmark for women in professional sports and a first for the national football league. this is historic here. >> michelle: this is awesome. >> krystal: it is. girl power. it's great that it happened. but, at the same time, you have to say, it's about time. right? the buffalo bills have hired katherine smith as a full-time
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she's the first full-time female assistant coach in the history of the nfl and an announcement posted on the team's website head coach rex ryan says smith has worked with the team on a part-time basis for seven years. ryan [ inaudible ] he was saying -- dana wagner let me clarify that. he said some people might say they did this for publicity or were trying to, you know, do something to get them good spot light. and he was like, they don't need to. they make billions of dollars. it is the most popular sport here in america. so, obviousl to know her stuff right. >> michelle: yeah. i'm sure there were a lot of other options for that position and they chose her. so you go ahead and you blaze that trail. >> krystal: girl power. love it. >> michelle: the family is back. always doing something creative. this time without the kids. singing about the problems of
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>> krystal: i haven't seen this one. it's too late cause i'm 40 i can't do that dance with my body it's just too late now cause i'm 40 and i wish that i could . >> krystal: they look pretty good to me. they released a new parody. this to justin bieber song "sorry." it's 40. she says she is turning the big 4-0 in march and she is assuming the age. their message is to stop worrying about hitting that age and embrace the fact that you can't stay out until the wee hours of the morning -- unless you are hoda -- and not be be able to dance like the 20 somethings do. >> michelle: let me tell you something, hoda danced as j.lo's
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40, you can jump in a lake. that's the new 30. on that note let's bring in kelly. have you seen j.lo. 46 now. >> amazing. >>omg. >> kelly: she looks better than i did at 21. >> krystal: i echo that. >> michelle: her show started last night. i hear it was fantastic. she didn't disappoint. >> krystal: p t obvious. >> michelle: the dress. they worn the same dress again. [ laughter ] >> kelly: no one called me. >> michelle: that dre wouldn't even fit. >> marie: right now. >> krystal: yes it would. you look beautiful and the weather is gorgeous. >> kelly: it really is. what a gorgeous day. mostly sunny skies. filtered sunshine. high thin clouds thao thickening up as we get into the late afternoon and early evening hours.
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east across the area. we are watching another system approaching for this weekend. here is a look at the temperatures you are heading outside. el dorado 43. 63 to 63 degrees. that's why you don't need a coat. paradise 58. henderson 59. summerlin you are at 57. a beautiful day out there. again we are expecting clouds to increase as we are watching a system approaching from the west. we see a little bit of activity into southern california and also into the sierras tomorrow. it's saturday for us that we're looking at maybe a little bit of wet weather. as far as wet weather is concerned this is a storm system the entire nation is talking about. it doesn't look like a whole thought with snow showers in missouri and back into kansas. we have thunderstorm activity further south. even tornado warnings in parts of louisiana. this whole sys going to move eastward. as it does, its fwig to strengthen already prompting all of
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all this pink you see from arkansas all the way up into pennsylvania and north carolina. that's a winter storm warning. look at that. isn't that huge? big storm system heading their way. for us, quieter conditions. looking at increasing clouds today. a high of 60 degrees in pahrump. laughlin 63 for the expected high. overnight tonight here's what we're looking at for lows. mesquite 36. pahrump 34. our 7-day forecast. we're looking at 62 for a high tomorrow. another nice day. partly sunny skies. if you want to get outside and play golf, take the dog for a walk. great for that. saturday we do have a chance for showers in the afternoon and evening. breezy conditions possible as well. but sunday we'll dry back out. a little cooler but that's still normal in january, that's nice. >> krystal: we'll take it. >> michelle: the legendary neil diamond turned 75 this weekend. and we are getting the
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earlier on "news 3 live at noon." >> krystal: that's right joining us is the very talented rob garrett also known as the king of diamond. a title that is very fitting for you my friend. he is going to fill us in on his upcoming performances in honor of neil diamond's birthday. thank you for being with us. you are fantastic. a true talent. so, you know, obviously this is a time for you to honor one of the legends. >> absolutely. i've been making my living off him for 21 years. so i have to honor him. >> krystal: you have met neil diamond. he. >> he is fully aware of me but we've never met face-to-face. that's yet to happen. >> krystal: s that on your bucket list. >> michelle: what are you going to sing because we want to make sure you have plenty of time to perform. >> being that -- besides the fact that it's his 50th -- 75th birthday, it's always 50 years
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so he had his first three hits in '66. i'm going to do the first one. krit take it away. we're going step out. >> thank you.
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[music] >> krystal: very well done! [ applause ] and a little feedback. that's all right. [ laughter ] truly was a concert. >> we had feedback. >> michelle: awesome. [ inaudible ] >> that's all neil diamond. we popped that information up on the screen one more time if people would like to go and see you. i believe we have it. there. that's the birthday tribute, saturday, sunday and january 30th. so three different days there? >> yeah.
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casablanca in mesquite. sunday at the tommy wind theater and the following saturday at the star brite theater. a whole -- >> michelle: birthday bash.
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happy birt >> kelly: we're looking at increasing clouds as we head throughout the rest of the afternoon. overall still a nice day. 61 degrees and 62 tomorrow. we are watching a chance for showers on saturday afternoon and evening. we're going to keep updating that one as it gets a little closer. after that, sliding into next week, looking at lots of sunshine. >> krystal: oh yeah. time to get outside and exercise. >> michelle: this is a where republican presidential candidate donald trump is scheduled to speak in just minu sure if the
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palin will be with him at today's rally. we're there. you can see it is a pretty full house. kind of a blurry shot. he is scheduled to speak at one. it's 12:56 so we'll see if he is on time and, of course, we're going to have this for you in later editions of news 3. it looks full. >> krystal: it does. and jeff gillan is there by the way. >> michelle: he's tweeting about it. >> krystal: coming up tomorrow on "news 3 live at noon" stick a fork in cancer. a new initiative in town tomorrow. we'll tell you how you can eat out and help fight cancer at the same time. i like the sound of that right. >> michelle: it's national pie day. >> we're sharing two tasty recipes. don't miss those stories and more here on "news 3 live at noon" tomorrow. >> kelly: i can't stay skinny
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it's impossible.
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see you tomorrow. [dramatic music] >> rafe: oh.
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